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About Our Owners

The Pensacola Lightning is a family owned company established in 2016 by the Founder and Majority Owner Lt. Curtis Beasley. The remain co-owners of the organization are Joann Beasley (wife), Terrance Beasley and Joris Washington (sons).

Lieutenant Curtis Beasley whose information includes serving 7 honorable years in the U.S. military as a Marine and retired after 30 years of local service as a First Responder in the Pensacola Fire Dept. He had a vision to create an opportunity for men to have their dreams and aspirations realized through a professional outlet for their talents.

Mr. Beasley being 1 of 8 children grew up in a family orientated house. Passing down morals and standards learned from both his family and the Marines to the players and staff  

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