We are excited for the first game of the season.
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Fear The Lightning

Pensacola Lightning

ABA Basketball Team

The Pensacola Lightning is one of the A.B.A.'s (American Basketball Association) newest franchises and we’re excited to showcase our exciting and entertaining brand of basketball while creating a successful and winning culture in the same fashion as our Professional Sports Teams in the Pensacola area.

Come out and enjoy one of our games. It’s your City and your Players.

Our Core Values

  • Trust - The glue that binds our team together and empowers us to achieve more as a unit than we can as individuals. When players have trust and confidence not only in their own abilities but those of their teammates and coaching staff.

  • Commitment - The commitment to do what it takes to win and to buy into a cause that is greater than yourself. To envision the motto of “One Team One Goal”.

  • Integrity - The recognition and initiative to do the right thing not just by our actions in the basketball court but outside the court.

  • Vision - The ability to look beyond what’s in front of us and commit to the long run. The ability to recognize that our process will succeed.


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